This outfit combines some of my top style staples and rules.

What you should have in your closet:

A good topcoat

Leopard print

Classic pumps

Waxed or leather pants

A menswear inspired piece (i.e. sunglasses)

Tip 1: Mix Prints.

Tip 2: Mix Textures.

In this look I wear suede, wax, leather, tweed, gold, and silk.

Tip 3: Stay in a similar color palette- and then add the pop of color.

In this look I was going for warm colors like black and brown. The jeans and the sleeves compliment each other.  Then I emphasized the different hues of brown in the sunglasses, coat, and scarf.

Tip 4: Maximize your leather.

Leather jackets can be heavy looking, not to mention pricy. Find pieces with leather details to get that luxe look without the price tag. Also, wax jeans are a great trend that I am loving right now. They give that wet, leather look without, again, the price tag.

Tip 5: Mix masculine inspired pieces with soft touches.

 The men’s inspired jacket and the pants are very hard, so lighten the look up with classic pumps, a soft scarf and a feminine cocktail ring.

Coat: Zara (Here or Here) ; Waxed Jeans: Zara (Similar) ; Scarf: Zara (Similar) ; Shoes: YSL ( Here or Here) ; Ring: Oscar de la Renta (Similar) ; Sunglasses: Vintage Dior (Similar)

Photographed by Karen Nickel


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