I’m Back!


Whew!  What a whirlwind of weeks.

I can’t even begin to describe all that has gone on, so please forgive the run on sentences. I turned twenty-four, my mom came to visit, we cleaned out my closet, we went shopping, we went out to lunch, we went shopping (again), we went for a walk around Chastain Park (my favorite place to run/walk, and the location for all of these pictures), I went to the pool, I got a sunburn, I updated my running wardrobe, my boyfriend and mom cooked me my favorite bday breakfast (corned beef hash), I went back blonde, we went to dinner, we drank wine, we ate dairy-free key lime pie (yum!), we consigned my old clothing, we got juices at Arden’s Garden, I caught up on sleep, I went to acupuncture, we ordered Chinese and watched a movie in bed, I went back to work, I “spring summer cleaned” my apartment, I took naps (yes, plural- something I NEVER do), I started a new book, I decided I wanted to become a runner (obviously not something that happens overnight), I bought a ticket to the Domincan Republic for July 4th, I online shopped for cover ups, I went to a BBQ… I am out of breath.

Overall, it has been a wonderful twenty fourth year filled with new clothing, exciting changes, happiness, and love.

I thank you for the time away to refresh, reset, and renew.

Cropped pants: Nike / Tank: Nike (old) / Shoes: Nike / Bra: VSX Sport







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