Summer Red.


There are two colors that I will never get sick of- red and turquoise. Separately, they have been my default favorites for years (red being “my” color and turquoise being a reminder of Colorado), but together they’re just something that I will never tire of.

Now, I have to admit that this look was a little out of my comfort zone. I  have a tendency to like casually thrown together pieces, with touches of vintage, and a VERY slight air of femininity (flowers and pink are some things that I have recently warmed up to). This outfit, however, screamed put together woman with touches of politician’s wife thrown in. I like to  think that the touch of the turquoise necklace made it feel toned down, and still me. I think it’s important, especially with fashion, to test your fashion boundaries and never cross one style off your list. Trends come and go, but the fashion sense that you develop can only become stronger by experimenting with new things and going out of your comfort zone.

Dress: Madewell / Shoes: Diane von Furstenberg / Necklace: Ralph Lauren / Sunglasses: ASOS







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