See Ya Later US of A.

rd3ypubZ5AY8ma0JlL9GrWy5ELwp9L4EjDe2cszzsp8Tomorrow morning I hop on a plane and head to the Dominican Republic. That means today I will be packing and making last minute outfit changes. I am quite proud of myself, because I have decided to carry on, which means that I can’t have any last minute “these wedges would be great also” moments. When I pack lightly [a skill that my mountaineering dad drilled into me] I find it easiest to pack one color palette. That way you really only need two sets of shoes- a pair of wedges/heels and a pair of flats/sandals- and you can mix and match outfits and accessories based on your mood/needs/weather. For this trip I have decided on reds and beiges. Seems simple and tropical enough. And if I get an awful sunburnt [something I am prone to doing] I will just blend right in with my dress. That being said, I have packed a travel size bottle of sunscreen and aloe.

Once all the packing and flying is over with, we will be driving from Santo Domingo to La Romana, where our beach paradise is located. What’s on the itinerary? Nothing. Moseying between the beach and hotel pool [which by the way is stunning, check out a photo here], eating with the summer breeze blowing in, and late dinners by the moon lit ocean. The end.


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