How I Spent My [Long] Weekend.


I spent my long fourth of July weekend in the Dominican Republic. I left the humid, soggy, Atlanta weather Thursday morning, and arrived in the humid, sunny, weather of Santo Domingo three hours later [I am always surprised that it is such a quick flight down there!]. After an hour and a half car ride along the ocean, endless crazy drivers that don’t seem to have any road rules, driving over potholes the size of craters, two cow crossings, and a pit stop at the local JUMBO [grocery store], we arrived at our destination- Casa de Campo. Much of the weekend revolved around sitting at the beach and reading [the water is so clear, blue and warm] or laying in a cabana by the hotel pool sipping white wine and napping. I was so proud of myself for not getting a sunburn [something I am highly known for]. In the afternoon, after we would “tire” of the heat [it was 92 degrees both days], we would take a drive in our golf cart to the marina or up to Altos de Chavon [one of the most beautiful views in the tropics]. We went out to dinner each night, but I found it extremely hard [and rather frustrating] for my hair to hold a curl from the humidity and whipping around in the cart. Needless to say, every night at dinner it felt like we had the restaurant all to ourselves. (1) Dominicans eat much later than we do (7:30 vs 10:00+) and (2) it is off season. One night we ate on the beach, and it was by far the most beautiful setting I’ve ever experienced.

It was so memorable, fun, relaxing, and perfect in every way. I digress… I could ramble on forever about this weekend – I’ll spare you and leave you with a few of my favorite photos from the weekend.


[Altos de Chevon.]


[Dinner at The Beach Club by Le Cirque.]IMG_8019


[Dinner at La Caña.]


[Golf-Carting Around.]


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