Hello from 7,890 feet.

_DSC0145My family and I have been visiting Aspen in the summer since I was six, so it is safe to say I know what to expect [and what to pack] when it comes to this annual vacation. This year, I’d give myself a C- on packing. Most Aspen summer days are 60 degrees in the morning, 75-80 during the day, include an afternoon rain shower, and a cool walk to dinner. This year I have been waking up 40 degree mornings, torrential down pours, highs of 47, and snow on some of the mountains. Needless to say, I have been hibernating in the warmest clothing I brought.

So what does one do when the sky is on its 16th hour of rain, you can see your breath, and everywhere is muddy? Well, naturally take your photog brother, slip hike up the mountain, and take some photos of course.

To say that 10 days is enough of this place would be an understatement. Aspen is my second home and is the most beautiful place I have ever been to. Aspen trees line every trail and street, and the air always smells mountainy and clean [it’s really hard to put into words]. I love Aspen for it’s laid back, whatever goes vibe. The fact that all I really pack are a pair of jeans, athletic clothes, hiking shoes, a hairbrush, and face lotion, just proves how Aspen lets you be the most simple, natural version of yourself. And that is one of the most wonderful and relaxing things in the world.






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