35066294ee50c4e9626d637f42e2b3c0Happy Halloween! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because (1) it’s the kick off to the fall holidays (2) I love any excuse to decorate [although spider webs and I do not really mesh year-round] (3) it is the eve of my boyfriend’s birthday (4) I love all the candy that I get to eat [give me Almond Joys and I will love you forever].

The truth- I have been MIA lately. The facts – to say that this fall has been busy would be the understatement of 2013.  From traveling, to busy busy days,  to putting the final touches on the house, to training for my first race [Thanksgiving Day!], it has been batshit crazy; and The Style Pundit has fallen by the wayside. So me and my blog extended our sincerest apologies, but true appreciation for all the followers that have stayed true and kept with us.

I will be back. Very soon!

xxo, Allison