What’s Black, White and Red All Over? Me.


I was having a bit of a 1920’s-I-don’t-feel-like-wearing-make-up-but-wearing-something-red moment the other day. Enter, today’s outfit…

Dress: ASOS (Similar) / Necklace: CHANEL

Bag: Carshoe (Suggested) / Shoes: Stuart Weitzman






Jacket: Lululemon / Scarf: Lululemon / Pants: Lululemon / Shoes: Nike
I love running. It has become a big part of my life. However, running is not something that became a interest of mine until this past year. Perhaps it started when I made a resolution January 1, 2013 to run at least one race this year. This past Thanksgiving morning I can happily say that I can cross that resolution (as well as drinking more waster) off my list! From running in the rain, sweating it out in the heat, hitting the pavement to destress or just to tune out the world, running is something I try to incorperate in my daily life.  Nike sums it up best…
We are what we believe. We believe in helping runners- fast runners, slow runners, heavy runners, skinny runners, long-distance runners and sprinters. We believe in helping middle-distance runners too. And runners from Kenya, Japan, Ohlahoma, and every other corner of this planet. We believe in the magic of Hayward Field. We believe in long Sunday runs. We believe 20 quarters under 70 is still a good workout. We believe joggers are runners. We believe in cross-country. We believe in big marathons. We believe in fun runs and jingle jogs. We believe in professional Track & Field. We believe running is therapy. We believe the smell of the starter’s gun is an aphrodisiac. We believe lactic acid is good for you. We believe that your personal best isn’t always a PR. We believe in knowing the route and running aimlessly. We believe this should be fun. We believe running in the dark, in the cold, in the heat, in the humidity, in the rain, and in the snow is part of the deal. We believe in skipping a day. We believe there is a correlation between inspiration and perspiration. We beieve in making mistakes and learning from them. We believe there is no finish line. We beleive in you. Just do it. Run.



Dress: Gap / Boots: Sam Edelman (on sale!) / Scarf: J.Crew / Bag: Suggested

I may be from the desert, but I love the cold weather. Everything about it is wonderful to me. The warm fires on rainy days, scarves that wrap all the way up to your nose, watching the trees shed all of their leaves, a closet full of boots and thick fabric’d dresses, and the house is always smelling of comforting warm food and cookies.

[Disclaimer: taking photos while it’s foggy, drizzling and 40 degrees is not ideal.]IMG_1843-2










Weekend Getaway: The Dominican Republic.

photo 2

[No Filter.]

Last weekend I spent my days down in the DR in the tropical sunshine, warm weather, basking in the island breeze. These days, the DR has become my favorite weekend getaway. (1) the weather is always great, and it is a perfect escape from the currently cold Atlanta weather (2) it is a hop, skip, and a jump across the ocean, and you can be there in under 4 hours [fact: it takes me longer to fly home to Arizona than the Dominican!] (3) I get to eat endless amounts of tuna and steak [85% of  their beef is produced on the island and it is bomb.com] and drink endless amounts of rosé (4) I can get a tan in the middle of winter (5) you’re on island time and anything goes; including flowy dresses and air dried wavy hair (6) last, but most certainly not least, it is where my main squeeze currently lives, so it gives me an opportunity to see him.

photo 2 copy

[My lunch set up each afternoon.]

photo 1

[All white table at dinner.]

photo 3

[Afternoon storm rolling in.]

photo 1 copy

[Watching the storm travel across the horizon.]

35066294ee50c4e9626d637f42e2b3c0Happy Halloween! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because (1) it’s the kick off to the fall holidays (2) I love any excuse to decorate [although spider webs and I do not really mesh year-round] (3) it is the eve of my boyfriend’s birthday (4) I love all the candy that I get to eat [give me Almond Joys and I will love you forever].

The truth- I have been MIA lately. The facts – to say that this fall has been busy would be the understatement of 2013.  From traveling, to busy busy days,  to putting the final touches on the house, to training for my first race [Thanksgiving Day!], it has been batshit crazy; and The Style Pundit has fallen by the wayside. So me and my blog extended our sincerest apologies, but true appreciation for all the followers that have stayed true and kept with us.

I will be back. Very soon!

xxo, Allison

Happy Weekend!

4f60ca5ffba2b3204de77972bcc57fe0OTGIHF (Oh Thank Goodness it’s Happy Friday).

This weekend is going to be a great weekend, but filled with activitiy! On Saturday we have our housewarming party, which basically means all day Saturday preparations (cooking, wine shopping, setting up, etc.) will be made, and all day Sunday cleaning and trashing-taking-out will be had. I am so excited to have all of our closests friends in our new place; to break it in and make it feel like a home!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, with whatever fun activities you have in store!