Weekend Getaway: The Dominican Republic.

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Last weekend I spent my days down in the DR in the tropical sunshine, warm weather, basking in the island breeze. These days, the DR has become my favorite weekend getaway. (1) the weather is always great, and it is a perfect escape from the currently cold Atlanta weather (2) it is a hop, skip, and a jump across the ocean, and you can be there in under 4 hours [fact: it takes me longer to fly home to Arizona than the Dominican!] (3) I get to eat endless amounts of tuna and steak [85% of  their beef is produced on the island and it is bomb.com] and drink endless amounts of rosé (4) I can get a tan in the middle of winter (5) you’re on island time and anything goes; including flowy dresses and air dried wavy hair (6) last, but most certainly not least, it is where my main squeeze currently lives, so it gives me an opportunity to see him.

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[My lunch set up each afternoon.]

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[All white table at dinner.]

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[Afternoon storm rolling in.]

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[Watching the storm travel across the horizon.]

35066294ee50c4e9626d637f42e2b3c0Happy Halloween! Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because (1) it’s the kick off to the fall holidays (2) I love any excuse to decorate [although spider webs and I do not really mesh year-round] (3) it is the eve of my boyfriend’s birthday (4) I love all the candy that I get to eat [give me Almond Joys and I will love you forever].

The truth- I have been MIA lately. The facts – to say that this fall has been busy would be the understatement of 2013.  From traveling, to busy busy days,  to putting the final touches on the house, to training for my first race [Thanksgiving Day!], it has been batshit crazy; and The Style Pundit has fallen by the wayside. So me and my blog extended our sincerest apologies, but true appreciation for all the followers that have stayed true and kept with us.

I will be back. Very soon!

xxo, Allison

Happy Weekend!

4f60ca5ffba2b3204de77972bcc57fe0OTGIHF (Oh Thank Goodness it’s Happy Friday).

This weekend is going to be a great weekend, but filled with activitiy! On Saturday we have our housewarming party, which basically means all day Saturday preparations (cooking, wine shopping, setting up, etc.) will be made, and all day Sunday cleaning and trashing-taking-out will be had. I am so excited to have all of our closests friends in our new place; to break it in and make it feel like a home!

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend, with whatever fun activities you have in store!

Hello from 7,890 feet.

_DSC0145My family and I have been visiting Aspen in the summer since I was six, so it is safe to say I know what to expect [and what to pack] when it comes to this annual vacation. This year, I’d give myself a C- on packing. Most Aspen summer days are 60 degrees in the morning, 75-80 during the day, include an afternoon rain shower, and a cool walk to dinner. This year I have been waking up 40 degree mornings, torrential down pours, highs of 47, and snow on some of the mountains. Needless to say, I have been hibernating in the warmest clothing I brought.

So what does one do when the sky is on its 16th hour of rain, you can see your breath, and everywhere is muddy? Well, naturally take your photog brother, slip hike up the mountain, and take some photos of course.

To say that 10 days is enough of this place would be an understatement. Aspen is my second home and is the most beautiful place I have ever been to. Aspen trees line every trail and street, and the air always smells mountainy and clean [it’s really hard to put into words]. I love Aspen for it’s laid back, whatever goes vibe. The fact that all I really pack are a pair of jeans, athletic clothes, hiking shoes, a hairbrush, and face lotion, just proves how Aspen lets you be the most simple, natural version of yourself. And that is one of the most wonderful and relaxing things in the world.





It’s Not You, It’s Me.


This past weekend and upcoming week, have and will continue to be a non-stop frenzy of moving, packing, unpacking, re-packing and traveling. I moved into a new house this weekend, and this week I have designated my evenings to settling and getting most things sorted out. On Friday I have to re-pack for my annual summer family vacation to Aspen, CO. Ten days of [thin] mountain air, brisk 50 degree nights, walking everywhere, afternoon summer storms, long hikes along columbine studded trails, and chance encounters with bears [last year I saw 12].

Once this week settles down, and I enter vacation mode, I will return and be a better blogger to you. As you can imagine/know, moving is exhausting and all consuming and is quite the whirlwind, and finding a spare moment to pick out an outfit [who are we kidding- my closet isn’t even fully unpacked let alone color coordinated], and shoot it, is not realistically going to happen this week. With that being said- it’s not you, it’s me. So I wanted to take the chance to extend an, “I’m sorry.” The good news is that the end is in sight, and new photos of my new digs are on the horizon.

Even with the stress of moving and all things that comes with it, I can safely say that I have never been happier or more at peace. I think Holly Golightly said it the best, “Did I tell you how divinely and utterly happy I am?”

Have a happy week!



Change of Address.


I’m moving! In less than a month I will be packing up my apartment and driving five miles to my new home. I’m thankful that it is such an easy move and not too much of a location change [although the scenery will be very different- think trees]. I am bursting at the seams with excitement over home decor at the moment. Although most, if not all, of what I have now will be in the house, there is alot more space, a.k.a. decoration opportunities! My first order of business is investing in new glassware and dinnerware. I am thinking these glasses to sip ice water out of, and the smaller ones for casual wine. Every time I see these plates, my heart skips a beat. If a woman could love a plate, that would be this love affair I am having with these.

A little tidbit about me, I love white. I love clean and tidy spaces, and white, obviously, only aids in my neat-freak personality. My decorating aesthetic is [as mentioned] whites and creams [VERY netural colors], with different natural woods and stone, cowhides, candles [eucalyptus or coconut scented], and flowers. The exception I make, however, is art. Being an art history major I love anything that can hang/lean on a wall. So all bets are off when it comes to adorning my walls.

I thought I would share a few photos of my current place, before packing up and moving elsewhere. After photos to come!








How I Spent My [Long] Weekend.


I spent my long fourth of July weekend in the Dominican Republic. I left the humid, soggy, Atlanta weather Thursday morning, and arrived in the humid, sunny, weather of Santo Domingo three hours later [I am always surprised that it is such a quick flight down there!]. After an hour and a half car ride along the ocean, endless crazy drivers that don’t seem to have any road rules, driving over potholes the size of craters, two cow crossings, and a pit stop at the local JUMBO [grocery store], we arrived at our destination- Casa de Campo. Much of the weekend revolved around sitting at the beach and reading [the water is so clear, blue and warm] or laying in a cabana by the hotel pool sipping white wine and napping. I was so proud of myself for not getting a sunburn [something I am highly known for]. In the afternoon, after we would “tire” of the heat [it was 92 degrees both days], we would take a drive in our golf cart to the marina or up to Altos de Chavon [one of the most beautiful views in the tropics]. We went out to dinner each night, but I found it extremely hard [and rather frustrating] for my hair to hold a curl from the humidity and whipping around in the cart. Needless to say, every night at dinner it felt like we had the restaurant all to ourselves. (1) Dominicans eat much later than we do (7:30 vs 10:00+) and (2) it is off season. One night we ate on the beach, and it was by far the most beautiful setting I’ve ever experienced.

It was so memorable, fun, relaxing, and perfect in every way. I digress… I could ramble on forever about this weekend – I’ll spare you and leave you with a few of my favorite photos from the weekend.


[Altos de Chevon.]


[Dinner at The Beach Club by Le Cirque.]IMG_8019


[Dinner at La Caña.]


[Golf-Carting Around.]