Best Dressed: SAG Awards.






2012 in a Nutshell.

tumblr_mfvnblR4cD1rsdlclo1_500 copyIn a nutshell, 2012 was a wonderful year.

I spent my second year in Atlanta, went to my first fashion week, traveled to mountains (CO) and beaches (FL), started my job at SPANX, moved into a new apartment, went from blonde, to strawberry blonde, and back to blonde, wore red nails 75% of the year, discovered a new love for all things lace, printed and ladylike, had a falling out with all most boyfriend jeans and mullet skirts and shirts alike, did too much online shopping, read 18 books, had two really bad sunburns, kept my resolution of drinking more water, and last, but obviously not least, started The Style Pundit.

The past 365 days have been fun, trying, exciting, stressful, adventurous, funny, relaxing, educational, and overall very gratifying. I wish the best to all of you in the next 365 to come and whatever hopes and resolutions you hold for 2013.

Happy New Year! 

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