Tough Girl.


Denim: J Brand / T Shirt: Old Navy / Shoes: YSL / Necklace: Sugar Bean Jewelry

Sunglasses: Ray-Ban / Watch: Vintage






I like to think I’m pretty tough. My boyfriend may tell you otherwise, as I can barely do five push ups, spiders scare me into the fetal position, and paper cuts feel like I had my finger amputated. Ok so maybe I am only tough when it comes to the denim I wear.  Throughout my countless years of denim purchasing (or as I like to call it “investing”) I have yet to own a pair that are so comfy I could sleep in them, yet still flatter the bum, that are casual enough to wear with a t-shirt, or dressy enough to throw on with a pair of sex on a stick stilettos. Then I saw this pair. Saw them. Needed them. Had to have them. They are everything I could wish for and more in a pair of jeans. Hey, they may even inspire me to kill a spider or do a push up or two.