Weekend Getaway: The Dominican Republic.

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Last weekend I spent my days down in the DR in the tropical sunshine, warm weather, basking in the island breeze. These days, the DR has become my favorite weekend getaway. (1) the weather is always great, and it is a perfect escape from the currently cold Atlanta weather (2) it is a hop, skip, and a jump across the ocean, and you can be there in under 4 hours [fact: it takes me longer to fly home to Arizona than the Dominican!] (3) I get to eat endless amounts of tuna and steak [85% of  their beef is produced on the island and it is bomb.com] and drink endless amounts of rosé (4) I can get a tan in the middle of winter (5) you’re on island time and anything goes; including flowy dresses and air dried wavy hair (6) last, but most certainly not least, it is where my main squeeze currently lives, so it gives me an opportunity to see him.

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[My lunch set up each afternoon.]

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[All white table at dinner.]

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[Afternoon storm rolling in.]

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[Watching the storm travel across the horizon.]


Personal Week.


I decided to treat myself and take a personal day week. My mom is flying in midweek, my birthday is this weekend, I need to clean and update my closet, my tan is waning, my roots are showing, I need to prepare for an upcoming move, and overall I am in desperate need of some R&R. I try to be go, go, go most days of my life (you know- fit 30 hours of activity into a 24 hour day), but I find that it eventually catches up with me twice a year. Looks like it’s about time to take a few days off from blog-work and work-work, to refresh, renew, and become one year older.

I can’t wait for my mom to get in from Arizona. I am literally so excited for this weekend I could burst at the seams. We are going to have a great girls weekend by the pool- hopefully the weather holds out! Doing lots of my favorite pastimes- shopping and walking around the park. Eating, drinking, and being merry… My mom and I share a deep love for cooking, baking, and wine, so I know there will be alot of that, along with hitting up my favorite spots in Atlanta (insert: Souper Jenny, The Optimist, and Hal’s).

It has been a great 23rd year, but I know, by far, 24 with be the best year yet!

See you on the flipside!